Behind the Scenes at Canyon Coffee HQ + V-60 Pourover Recipe

Casey and Ally of Canyon Coffee relaxing in their Venice, CA home | young entrepreneurs | bright kitchen

Like us, our friends Anais and Dax are partners in work-and-play. Maybe that bond is part of why we love hanging out with them so much :) We love their photography, and we had them over to our house recently to have some coffee (scroll down for V-60 recipe below) and capture what Canyon Coffee looks and feels like in these early days of our little company.

As usual, we had a blast with Anais and Dax. Hope you enjoy the photos, as we have, and be on the look out for more collaborations soon!

Owner Ally Walsh holding a bag of Canyon Coffee | Women of coffee

How to make a v-60 pourover | Casey Wojtalewicz of Canyon Coffee making a pourover by hand at home in Venice, CA

Canyon Coffee V-60 Recipe for Two

What you'll need:

- water kettle
- V-60 dripper
- V-60 paper filters
- Hario Coffee Server (any vessel that can hold at least 4 cups of coffee works)
- fresh-roasted Canyon Coffee beans!
- coffee grinder (burr grinders are the best!)
- two of your favorite coffee mugs


  1. Bring at least four-and-a-half cups of water to a boil (if you have temperature control, you'll want to keep the water at around 200º F).
  2. Place a filter in the dripper, and lightly pour water, just enough to wet the entire filter. When you are finished, dispose the water in the bottom of the dripper.
  3. Grind 5 full tbsps (or two V-60 scoops) of beans so they're somewhat coarse (about medium grind). On our Baratza Encore grinder, which has settings from 0 (fine) to 40 (coarse), we grind at around 20.
  4. Pour out water from the server
  5. Add the ground coffee to the filter. With your finger or a spoon, make a small crater in the center 
  6. Now that the water has cooled somewhat (ideally to 200ºF), lightly pour water into the center of the grounds, moving slowly in a circular motion towards the rim of the filter. As soon as you've wet all the grounds, stop and wait 30 seconds to let the coffee "bloom." 
  7. After 30 seconds, slowly begin pouring more—again, from the center; and out towards the rim
  8. Continue this until the Hario server is full to the 4 cup mark
  9. The whole process should take around three minutes 
  10. Enjoy black, or add some of your milk of choice

Cozy kitchen table nook | Canyon Coffee | the home of Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz

Home office | Cozy interiors | Ally Walsh of Canyon Coffee working on her desk at home in Venice, CA

Canyon Coffee owner Casey Wojtalewicz working at his kitchen table

We Are So Good Together | Canyon Coffee owners Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz relaxing in their living room

Bags of Canyon Coffee waiting to be shipped out | Home office | Bright spaces

Canyon Coffee owner Casey applying labels to 12oz bags of Guatemalan coffee

Coffee rituals | Ally and Casey of Canyon Coffee making coffee at home | Chemex, v-60, and canyon coffee pourover stand

Ally Walsh, owner of Canyon Coffee, drinking coffee in her kitchen

Casey of Canyon Coffee pouring fresh coffee from a moka pot into a mug | Making coffee with a bialetti | Coffee rituals

Canyon Coffee owners Ally and Casey filling bags of coffee in their living room in Venice, CA

Working from home | Casey and Ally applying labels to coffee bags

Coffee delivery | Casey handing Ally fresh-roasted bags of Canyon Coffee in their kitchen in Los Angeles, CA

All photos by Anais + Dax 


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