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Lacy Phillips, founder of Free + Native, drinking tea in her white tile kitchen in Los Angeles, California

Lacy Phillips is the real deal.

One of our favorite people and founder of Free + Native, Lacy is one of our constant go-to’s for recipes, wellness tips, and general well being.

Both online and in person, Lacy’s grounded presence and perspective have the power to make you laugh at any situation you might have found grave only moments before. She is capable of being fully open and honest, without being blunt; rather, her abundant positive energy conveys the truth that she really wants what’s best for you.

Needless to say, we love hanging out with Lacy. We trekked over to her and her partner Max's beautiful home in Echo Park recently for some morning coffee and catch-up. Now, anyone who follows or knows Lacy will know that she doesn’t drink coffee, and no—she didn’t have any of ours! But Lacy is known for making some tasty tonics. So we brought some of our fresh-roasted organic decaf from Guatemala to see what she would whip up, and the result was amazing :) 

Read on to see the recipe and her responses to some of our questions below!

A+C: Tell us about your morning rituals and routine:

L: I love mornings! I’m VERY selfish with them because four years ago I made a promise to myself that self-care and development would be my numero uno. Everything comes after. Therefore, I don’t even start work until 12p! 

Once I wake up, the very first thing I do is brush my teeth and tongue scrape. I used to oil pull. I gave it a great shot but it’s really not for me. Then I have a cup of bone broth, breakfast, which is usually an egg, avocado, kale, and ferments. Followed by my morning kundalini sadhana and vedic meditation. Then I’m out the door to workout. 

Lacy Phillips' white-tile kitchen in Los Angeles, with wooden shelves, ceramic bowls, a vitamin and burr grinder.

A+C: You help people manifest things in their lives. How did you get into this kind of work?

L: By chance really. I was exposed to manifestation at a very young age. My grandparents had a second home in Santa Cruz where I’d spend a lot of the summer with my grandmother. She was into all things spirituality: medium work, astrology, crystal healing, hypnosis, manifestation, bathing nude – you get the point. I still have her vintage spiritual books from the 70’s and 80’s. 

At around 17, I dove deep into manifestation. I read ALL THE books that we all know of. I tried the thought-based manifestation, staying in the vortex, visualizing… yada, yada. They all failed me. But I did realize that I was really good at manifesting super big and bizarre things such as a $300 apartment in the hills of Echo Park and partners down to long blond surfer hair and a Parisian mother. 

So I decided to drop all the old jargon I knew and simply watch my own process to determine what showed up how, what, when; etc. Over the next three years, I determined my formula, which never fails me or my clients. 

Because talking about manifestation is so second nature to me, it was actually one of the clients that I was private chefing for that said he wanted to give it a try. After manifesting a few things right away, she was the one that encouraged me to begin this work. 

A+C: How do you balance your health and relationships with the demands of operating your own business?

L: That took a long time to get down as I have a tendency to simply work all the time. I finally had to create space for all of it. I give myself until 12p to focus on everything I need to stay balanced and well. My fiancé and I have four scheduled date nights a week. And the other nights are scheduled for friends, personal or business events (or working all night, ha).

A bag of organic decaf Guatemalan coffee by Canyon Coffee, and a superfood tonic by Lacy Phillips, founder of Free + Native, for Canyon Coffee

A+C: What was the recipe of the delicious drink you made for us?


1 c brewed Organic Decaf Canyon Coffee 
½ c raw sprouted nut mylk
1 tbls Tocos
¼ tsp Mucuna
¼ tsp Polyrachis Ant
1 dropper of ormus

Process | blend in a high-speed blender for 30 seconds

The intention was to create a morning happiness, creative, heart-centering tonic fit for any CEO or hard worker.

Lacy Phillips making a special tonic for Canyon Coffee, with a home apothecary of different herbs and superfoods

A+C: Last question: what are you currently manifesting?

L: This has actually been a really interesting topic for me lately. I’ve literally manifested every single thing I set out for three years ago. My list is fully complete. So, realizing this came with a bit of transitional blues and apathy. For the first time, ever, I’m not quite sure what I’m manifesting next. And that’s a rather uninspired place to be. But it’s inspiring in one sense, for it’s the first time in my life I’ve ever asked The Universe, “show me how I can be of more service?” Rather than for material items or hitting success markers.

Black and white photo of Casey Wojtalewicz, founder of Canyon Coffee, drinking a coffee tonic by Lacy Phillips, founder of Free + Native, in Lacy's Echo Park home

Thanks for having us over, Lacy! 


  • Miriam

    Thanks for this promotional piece, but Lacy Phillips is an egomaniac, to put it nicely.

    Just so you know what kind of social-media-mutual-cross-promotion you’re signing up for, Lacy recently went off on a hateful rant on her Facebook page, against people who PAID to take her “course” (myself included).

    She used her holier-than-thou “I have no ego” act to justify comments (and videos!) directly blaming women, POCs and people with disabilities for their issues, and then started editing and deleting the content and blocking a bunch of people on her page.

    Everything from her plagiarised course content to her Instagram-filled-with-modeling-ego-photos-of-herself is an expression of her selfish and privileged lifestyle that she maintains by scamming people. When you take her “course” you are nothing more than a tool to feed Lacy’s ego on its path to manifesting itself as an all-powerful spiritual leader, just like all those wonderful cultists from the 1970s.

    Canyon Coffee: know what you’re signing up for with this promo interview piece, because a lot of people have started complaining about the horrible way she treated people that just took her course. Is that the kind of person you want to promote for YOUR brand?

  • cynthia mendez

    I have been making your Tatama, Colombia Medium Roast and mixing it with a tablespoon of Moon Deli’s Bliss Booster. So delicious! I love love love Lacy’s website. She’s amazing.

  • Marlene

    Lacy is such a fascinating and incredible human. Thank you for this collab Canyon. <3

  • Janine Wojtalewicz

    Gratitude to all of you for the interesting & inspiring post. Love.

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