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We officially met Sasha Piligian on a phone call. We were catching up with our friend Mailea Wager, founder and chef behind Lou Nashville (and now Paris), who at the time was on a road trip with Sasha in Florida. We were about a year out from opening our first coffee shop in Echo Park, and we didn’t have a plan for our pastry program.

“I know a pastry chef! She’s right here.” The rest is history.

Of course, we’d heard about Sasha prior to this — because we had enjoyed her creations over the years at places like Gjusta and Sqirl. She had since set out on her own, and we’re proud to be her first wholesale pastry customer.

We joined Sasha on one of her recent visits to the Santa Monica farmers market — a trip she makes every week to gather fresh produce and other ingredients for her business. Afterwards, we sat down with her at the cafe for an interview to learn a bit more about her. We hope you enjoy — and if you haven’t had a chance, we hope you get to try out one of her delicious creations at our cafe!

What is your morning ritual?

What’s a day in the life?

Where did you grow up?

When and how did you get into baking?

Is that when you decided to do your own thing?

Are pastries your main thing now?

What do you love about baking?

Did you see yourself doing this?

What do you like doing outside of work?

How do you get inspired?

Do you have any upcoming travel plans?