Shelter In Place

At the announcement of a shelter-in-place mandate here in California, we wake up to a new day in the surreal position of continuing our business in a state that’s mostly shut down.
We will continue playing our role in the supply chain to support the essential activities; to help keep the shelves of our grocery & market partners stocked, as well as the countertops and pantries of our customers who order direct (online). We’ll be doing this with no person to person contact.
In addition to the usual health & safety operating procedures we always follow as a certified organic producer, we’re minimizing risk by not leaving our homes save for the essential tasks of roasting and shipping.
We’ve operated from the beginning as a small and efficient team, and during this time of necessary social distancing we will run our full production with one person in the space at a time.
What’s next for us all weighs on our minds, all day every day. We keep moving for our friends, families, and customers, but also for our suppliers, importers and other vendors.
Thank you for supporting your local, independently-owned small businesses. We know firsthand what a mountain it can be to build something from scratch. Please do what you can to support any small businesses to help them hold on to what they have built, so they can continue building again soon.