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Finca Patzibir

Finca Patzibir

With a caramelly body and notes of mango and nectarine, the Finca Patzibir is a deliciously clear and fruit-forward cup. We have a limited supply, and expect the coffee to last through August. Order now to enjoy this seasonal special while it lasts!


Comes From:

Located on the Volcano Tolíman near the majestic Lake Atitlán, Finca Patzibir is led by fifth-generation farmer Andrés Fahsen. Mr. Fahsen takes a meticulous approach to farm management, and incorporates regenerative agriculture practices throughout.


Meaning of Patzibir:

Patzibir, derived from the [Mayan] Kaqchikel word meaning "Place of Tzibir (tree)," reflects the farm's connection to nature. Tzibir trees, abundant on the farm, provide shade and symbolize the harmonious balance between the lowlands and highlands of the Atitlán region. This area, where clouds and forests converge, boasts a unique microclimate characterized by high humidity—a defining feature that sets it apart in Guatemala.


Origin:  Guatemala
Region: Volcano Tolíman
Producer: Andrés Fahsen
Process: Washed
We Taste: Mango, Nectarine