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Making iced coffee with a V60

Glass V60 Iced Pourover

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The Glass V60 Iced Pour Over Kit includes:
- glass pitcher + ice chamber
- glass V60 dripper
- Hario standard coffee scoop
- pack of V60 filters

Can also be used to brew hot coffee—just remove the ice chamber!

As the french press is to the Chemex or V60, so cold brew is to the iced pour over. We love them all, but when it comes to making chilled coffee, we have become particularly excited about making iced pour overs. It enables all the finesse and precision of making pour overs, with an outcome that preserves the flavor while cooling the coffee.

The process is pretty simple—just add ice to the inner chamber of the glass server and make your pour over with hot water as usual. We've found the resulting coffee to be super clean and refreshing.

Note — when making the coffee, the ice will melt and add to the dilution of the coffee. As such, if you're eye-balling your pour over, you'll want to use less hot water in your pour over than normal to balance it out.

To get technical with it, you can always use a scale. You can use the same ratio you normally would when making a pour over, just incorporate the ice as part of your total water volume.

For example: our starting ratio for pour overs when working with a new coffee is typically 16-to-1, or 16-parts-water-to-1-part-coffee. We typically use this conversion with grams, which (fun fact!) equate 1-to-1 with mL when converting from solids to liquids. 

So, if you were making a pourover with 20 grams of coffee, you would use 320 "grams" (mL) of water to achieve a 16-to-1 ratio. When making an iced pourover, you would add ice to the chamber. Say the ice weighs 200 grams, you would then want to add only 120 mL of hot water over your pourover.

There are multiple ways you can do this! But for an example recipe, try the following, which uses a recipe of 30 grams of coffee and 480 grams of water.

- Heat water in a kettle. Once it boils, pour some water through a V60 filter to pre-wet it. Set it all aside.
- In a dry mug, weigh out 30 grams of whole bean coffee. Grind coarse.
- Tare out the glass pitcher with ice chute inside. Fill the chamber with ice and note how much the ice weighs. Subtract the weight of the ice from 480. This is how much hot water you will add to the pour over.
- Place V60 on top of the pitcher and add the 30 grams of coffee. Tare out the scale.
- Bloom the coffee with just enough hot water to get all the grounds wet, and let sit for 30 seconds. Then, proceed to slowly add the remaining amount of water (learned by subtracting the amount of ice from 480).


Capacity: 900ml 
Dimensions: 4.74"W x 5.31"D x 10.63"H