Virgelina Perdomo Microlot

About the Coffee

We Taste:
Caramel, Vanilla and Passion Fruit

Producer: Virgelina Perdomo and daughters
Farm Name: El Diamante Origin: Colombia
Process: Washed
Variety: Castillo
Region: Garzón, Huila
Elevation: 1750 MASL
We're excited to bring back another year's harvest grown by Virgelina Perdomo and her daughters, Viviana and Lina Marcela, who help with production and processing on the farm—an all women household! We're honored to be able to showcase the quality coffee delivered by Virgelina and her daughters.

It's been a real pleasure to work with multiple consecutive harvests of Virgelina's coffee. We first introduced her microlot in the fall of 2019. Since then, we've roasted and brewed two of her recent harvests to create the first edition of the Granjeras Instant coffee series — instant coffees grown and processed by women farmers in Colombia. We have a limited amount of coffee left over from our most recent batch of Granjeras, and we are so pleased to make it available in whole bean form! This lot has the same round juiciness, sweet caramel body, and notes of passion fruit that first drew us to Virgelina's coffee in 2019.

About Virgelina Perdomo


Thank you to our import partners Sustainable Harvest, a Certified B Corporation, for sharing this video of Virgelina with us, and for all your work building relationships with and investing in the lives and communities of farmers like Virgelina!

What is a microlot?

As the name implies, a coffee microlot is relatively smaller than a normal lot, or harvest yield, of coffee. But why is it smaller? Often, microlots are the result of a single farmer or group of farmers dedicating a smaller plot of land to which they can give more time with higher quality of care and attention to detail. The end result is often a higher quality, more valuable coffee.