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Alison Andersson

Alison Andersson Mug in White Splash

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Alison Andersson Mug in White Splash

Inspired by the sea, California in the seventies, and far flung travels, each piece is one of a kind. Every mug was handmade in Ojai, California by ceramicist Alison Andersson.

See the mug in "Brown

Product Details:

Foodsafe. Hand wash recommended.

Approximate dimensions: 4 1/2" x 3 1/2"

More About Alison Andersson:

Alison is an artist who has worked in multiple mediums. She went to grad school for painting, and spent several years afterwards living in Los Angeles, where she showed paintings with the C. Nichols Gallery Project and worked in various realms of the creative industry—styling, set decorating, and art handling to name a few.

After years in LA Alison moved to Ojai, built a ceramics studio in her garage, and her business has been growing ever since.

Learn more about Alison in her interview with Voyage LA.