A living room with a tree, comfy brown couch by Truck Furniture, and large wood coffee table with an enamel kettle, chemex, and white ceramic mug by Luvhaus ceramics, containing Canyon Coffee
Luvhaus Mug in White

Luvhaus Mug in White

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We met the folks from Luvhaus while serving up coffee for West Coast Craft in San Francisco. An Oakland-based team, Luvhaus was founded by Shawn Kam, who's entry to ceramics came through an apprenticeship when he was just 17 years old.  

We're excited to share what are sure to be long-time Canyon staples. These blue and white mugs both have a smooth, matte finish that makes them super comfortable to hold. Every piece is truly one of a kind, with unique striations and markings from the firing process. Luvhaus's glazing processes are custom-formulated in house, with the goal of capturing something unique. Finishes vary. 

Size: Approximately 12oz. 4”H x 3”W

Care: All Luvhaus Ceramics are made of high fire stoneware, designed to stand the test of time and use in a modern kitchen. Microwave- and dishwasher-safe!