Beachwood Espresso | 5lb Bag
Two 5lb bulk coffee bags of Beachwood Espresso, by Canyon Coffee

Beachwood Espresso | 5lb Bag

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Current Origin(s): Limu Kosa, Ethiopia
Elevation: 1800-2200 Meters
Process: Washed

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We began testing and developing our approach to espresso over the course of many pop-up events, as well as dialing it in with our growing list of accounts. Beachwood Espresso is the result.

For the first iteration of this seasonal coffee profile, we chose our beloved Limu Kosa, Ethiopia single origin and approached it in a new way. We already love giving the bean a solid development to establish a nice chocolatey body. For espresso, we wanted to bring it even further to ensure that anyone combining a shot with milk and/or sugar wouldn't lose the "oomph" of coffee. Because if you serve a latte with a light roast, you're bound to lose the flavors of the coffee that made it special in the first place!

About the Farm

Limu Kosa (also spelled Limmu Kossa) is a family-owned coffee farm that has been growing coffee for over 40 years. They are committed producing high-quality specialty coffee in an environmentally- and socially-sustainable way. It is the largest family-owned coffee farm in Jimma Zone of the Oromia Regional state of Ethiopia.


Limu Kosa has 356 hectares of coffee farms growing Ethiopian heirloom coffee varieties. The coffee grows between 1800 and 2200 meters above sea level under forest shade. These two factors help the beans develop slower, becoming more dense and flavorful as a result.


Cherries are processed on the farm at two environmentally-friendly wet coffee mills and one eco-mill equipped for both wet and dry processing. The farm also has a honey production operation consisting of more than 107 modern beehives, and has various social programs to support its workers and nearby farming communities.