Gamatui, a red honey process coffee from Uganda. Certified organic. By Canyon Coffee.
Gamatui, an organic Ugandan coffee | Canyon Coffee
Sipi Falls Washing Station, where Canyon Coffee's red honey process coffee, Gamatui, is processed
Gamatui, Uganda (Certified Organic)
Sipi Falls Washing Station in Uganda

Gamatui, Uganda (Certified Organic)

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Producer: Gamatui Community [gamma•too•EE, rhymes with ratatouille]; Processed by the Sipi Falls Washing Station
Origin: Uganda
Region: Kapchorwa, Mount Elgon
Elevation: 1900 meters
Process: Red Honey
Varieties: SL34, SL14, and Bourbon types. 
Certification: Organic
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We are so excited to introduce our very first honey process coffee! To celebrate the occasion, we decided to introduce a new color to the Canyon bag family, soft yellow.
In the honey process, actual honey is not used. Rather, the process involves a timing variation on when the coffee cherry is de-pulped after it's harvested. Read more about the process of our coffee from Gamatui, or if you're more curious, read a full article about it here!
We chose two new beans from our rounds of cupping this spring, the Gamatui from Uganda and Sollomo from Ethiopia. Both coffees impressed us greatly with their round, balanced sweetness and notable flavors. 
We're very excited for you to try this new addition to the Canyon family!
Red Honey Process

On advice from our importing partner, Atlantic, Deus, the main processing manager at the Sipi Falls washing station, experimented with a Red Honey style. In this process, the coffee cherry is kept overnight and pulped in the morning.

After pulping, Deus ingeniously decided to dry it slightly thicker to further intensify the flavor profile.

The Honey coffees are dried on double stacked raised beds in the retractable roof drying system (pictured). For most of the drying process, the coffee is dried in shade and rotates in the "retractable roof room" depending on speed and moisture content of the coffee.