The Canyon Mug, a collaboration between Canyon Coffee and EMK Ceramics of Venice, CA
Canyon Coffee ceramic mug with a green backdrop
Canyon Coffee Mug

Canyon Coffee Mug

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The original Canyon mug.

We LOVE these mugs for their coarse texture, smooth rim, and warm, neutral colors.

Every mug is one-of-a-kind, and handmade by our friend Erin Karr (EMK Ceramics). They are thrown and fired in Erin's home studio in Venice, CA, in a kiln she built herself!

We asked Erin if she would collaborate on a mug with us back when we started Canyon, because they had become such an important part of our morning ritual. We hope you enjoy them as part of yours! 

Since each mug is unique, size and coloring varies slightly. Coffee capacity is between 8-10 ounces. 

Any questions? Just shoot us an email at :)

- Ally & Casey