The Canyon Sweatshirt


100% Organic Cotton
Hand-dyed with Organic Beachwood
Shipping included

We're thrilled to share the culmination of a months-long project to design and create these hand-sewn, hand-dyed, one-of-a-kind sweatshirts — made entirely in Los Angeles, from the fabric to the coffee used to dye it. Learn more below.

The Story

Since starting Canyon in 2016, we've had a growing curiosity about the kinds of dyes we could produce with our coffee. While coffee is our passion, living and working in Los Angeles has us adjacent to the fashion and garment industry—one of the last truly made-in-the-USA manufacturing centers in the country. There are many people and companies in the fashion industry we admire, some of whom we feel lucky to call friends..

This summer, we started tossing the idea around of making our own sweatshirt—from scratch—here in Los Angeles. We viewed it as a fun opportunity to create something special and original, locally. We were lucky to have the help of Jocelyn Suh, partner of Canyon's own James Klapp. Jocelyn has worked in the fashion industry for years. With her help, Ally set about choosing fabrics and designing the perfect cozy sweatshirt to enjoy a cup of coffee in.

You can learn more about the details of our design process below. But long story short, here we are about six months later with our first creation: The Canyon Sweatshirt. Hand-dyed with Beachwood, each sweatshirt is one-of-a-kind.

The Design Process

The process of creating our first sweatshirt began with establishing the elements we wanted to see in the end product. We knew that we wanted to create a garment that was easy, relatable, lightweight, and overall comfortable. We approached selecting the material the same way we source our coffees, focussing on  recycled or organic cotton.(Conventional cotton has the highest number of pesticides and fertilizers, and is associated with serious social impacts when it comes to cultivating cotton.)When narrowing the selection, we leaned towards a fabric that was lighter in weight and breathable so that it would be comfortable to wear alone, easy to layer, and remain a transitional item between seasons.

In the end, we landed on a 100% organic cotton that fit our needs. 

When it came to the design of the sweatshirt, we wanted to keep it classic but also focus on small details. We added coverstitch detailing reminiscent of a vintage, worn-in sweatshirt, and because we were able to work with a small production house here in Los Angeles, they were able to make the sewing possible. It takes the sewer twice as long to sew with the coverstitch, and the sewer runs the coverstitch from one end of the sleeve to the bottom of the hem in one motion without breaking or cutting the threads in between.

Everything culminated when we discovered how versatile in color dyeing with coffee can be. This was probably the most exciting process because we were expecting to see different shades of taupes or browns, but our dyer, Kathryn was able to achieve a range of yellows that we were all immediately drawn to. We played around with different wash techniques and patterns, but the final product was to have the color speak for itself. A soft, muted and creamy yellow definitely reflects Canyon's design aesthetic!


The sweatshirt is unisex fit, sized slightly small.
Ally is 5'8" and wearing a Small
Casey is 6'1" and wearing a Large

About Beachwood

Beachwood holds a lot of meaning to us. The name comes from Beachwood Canyon in Los Angeles, the canyon where we—Ally and Casey—met back in 2013. A place known for its vibrant energy and the creative people it attracts, Beachwood was a place of great growth for us both. Nestled above the noise of the city, it was a place where we felt grounded, inspired, and where great relationships thrived.

It's out of these sentiments—relationships, creativity, and inspiration—that we developed the idea for our Beachwood Coffee. Beachwood is the name on the bag, but inside are coffees to which we hold a special connection. Our goal is for Beachwood to be a showcase for fresh, seasonal coffees that we can talk about through story.

In terms of flavor, Beachwood will always champion the style of cup we sought to create when starting Canyon—smooth, balanced, and caramelly. A coffee that's easy to brew at home and hits the spot, every morning. This coffee is also our go-to for espresso, and we roast it with ample development time for ease of extraction and an espresso that tastes great black while holding its own with milk for cappuccinos and lattes.