Hand Grinder
Hand Grinder
The matte black hand grinder by Hario is small and portable — perfect hand grinder for camping
Pouring a bag of Canyon Coffee beans into a ceramic mill hand grinder by Hario
Hand grinding coffee

Hand Grinder

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Ceramic Burr Hand Grinder

Whether you're looking for your first burr grinder for at home, or something small, sleek and portable to bring on the road, this hand grinder is one we have enjoyed for years. 

The top reservoir (let's call it the bean reservoir!) holds between 40 - 50 grams of coffee when full—depending on roast level of your beans. For reference, we (Ally and Casey) typically make a pour over with 40g of coffee for the two of us each morning. 

Grind is adjusted by holding the metal shaft in place while clicking a knob on the bottom of the bean reservoir. Clockwise for a finer grind, counter-clockwise for coarser.