A Hario Drip Scale standing vertically, surrounded by coffee beans. Photo by David Kitz for Canyon Coffee
A Hario Drip scale with espresso cup on top, surrounded by tiny quirky objects and coffee beans.

Drip Scale

Regular price $55.00

We are very excited to introduce our very first scale to the online shop: the Hario Drip Scale.

We're not the kind of people who say "You MUST have a scale to make good coffee!" In truth, we're really advocates of the just-eye-ball-it approach. It's why we love using one scoop and a server with level indicators to help keep coffee- and water-in consistent. 

Over time, though, we've also really grown to love using a scale to keep our coffee extra consistent. It's also important for us to use scales when we make coffee at pop-up events. We can't literally taste every guest's coffee before serving! Using a scale helps us ensure we're making our perfect water-to-coffee ratio every time.

We've used various scales for making coffee over the years. But the Hario Drip Scale has emerged as our favorite, for several reasons:

    1. Simplicity: The scale has two functions—weight (in grams) and a timer. Hold down the "Tare" button to reset scale to "0," hold down the "Start/Stop" button to reset timer. 
    2. Durability: This little guy is pretty tough! We've dropped ours many times and it seems totally unphased.
    3. Design: We really enjoy the sleek black matte appearance and feel of the scale. And it's old-school digital display reminds us of calculators we used growing up.
    4. Affordable: Compared to some other scales out there, this scale is within reach.