Smart Kettle

Smart Pour Over Kettle on Canyon Coffee


The primary difference between this stovetop kettle and the others is it's slightly larger—1000 mL—making it great for those who want to make more coffee at a time! The kettle's slick and smooth gooseneck kettle give it wonderful precision and control so you can focus on being mindful while brewing your morning cup!

Another fun fact with this kettle is that it's made for a standard kitchen thermometer to slide in through the knob on the top of the lid. This enables you to have precise control over how hot your water is when brewing your coffee or tea. 

Why is this helpful? Well... in short, water that's too hot will produce a bitter cup of coffee. Water that's not hot enough will produce a weak or sour cup of coffee. That temperature range between "too hot" and "not hot enough" is a whole world you can explore with to see how temperature affects your cup taste! 

At the moment, we are not selling thermometers to pair with the kettles. But we are planning to bring them in soon! When not in use, the kettle has a slick little holder in the handle to store the thermometer.

Body, Handle, Lid: Stainless Steel
Knob of Lid: PPT Resin, Silicone Rubber
Handle Cover: Silicone Rubber
(Thermometer sold separately)

Smart Pour Over Kettle on Canyon Coffee