V60 Kit Bundle

V60 Kit Bundle

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The V60 Kit Bundle includes:

Glass Range Coffee Server
White Ceramic 02 V60 Dripper
Bag of 12oz Canyon Coffee Beans (choose above)
Pack of 100 V60 Filters

This bundle pairs a bag of beans of your choice with our beloved Canyon V60 kit. This is one of our favorite go-to pour over methods at home! It's a great gift for coffee lovers looking to expand their home set-up to include pour overs.

Watch our video for how to make a V60 pour over.

Debating between Chemex and V60? They're both excellent ways to make smooth, delicious coffee at home. Perhaps the easiest distinction between the two is speed—the grooves in the V60 dripper prevent a suction effect and enable water to move through the coffee quicker. In contrast, the smooth glass walls of the Chemex lead to water "sitting" with the coffee longer, giving a solid combination of immersion and pass-through extraction.