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Coffee Guide | Stockholm

Coffee Guide | Stockholm

"It was a sunny, early August afternoon when we walked out of the train station into the heart of Stockholm."

It was our first trip to Scandinavia together, and we were coming fresh from a wonderful week in Copenhagen. While Copenhagen gets a lot of attention as one of the world's best cities to live in, Stockholm more than held its own. We were completely taken by the beautiful architecture, fika culture, delicious coffee and food, and friendly people.

Our free, downloadable guide features nine shops and one roastery in Stockholm, as well as a q&a on fika.

Q&A: On Fika
Drop Coffee | Roaster
Drop Coffee | Shop
Pom & Flora
Rosendals Trädgård
Fabrique Bakery
Cafe Pascal
Snickarbacken 7
Tous Les Jours
Bageri Petrus

In terms of coffee, nearly every shop we visited held the components of our dream shop. Abundant natural light, cozy atmosphere, candles. Swedes drink a lot of coffee, and the quality and attention to detail is great across the city. While some roasters, like Drop Coffee, are leading the way, we enjoyed the coffee at every spot in our guide. In addition, some locations had incredible food that shouldn't be missed (see Pascal and Pom & Flora). Every location, in typical Swede fashion, also had delicious pastries. 

While we visited and made our Stockholm guide in summer, it was apparent how the culture and spaces are built for coziness year-round. While the greenhouse shop at Rosendals is closed in winter, Snickerbacken 7 would be an especially comfortable spot to hole up in the cold, dark months.

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Travel has been a huge factor in developing our passion for coffee. Since we met, finding and visiting coffee shops has always been a highlight of our travels. Especially when on short trips, stopping into a roaster is a great way to get a taste of the local culture and pick up some tips for other good spots to visit.

Our guides are a way for us to share places we've visited and enjoyed. Rather than comprehensive, they're intended to provide little glimpses into larger environments that hold any number of possibilities and will appeal to you in myriad ways, should you make the trip! 

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We hope to inspire, add a few spots to your itinerary, and make sure no trip goes without delicious coffee :)

Ally & Casey