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This seasonal coffee is a vibrant and deliciously fruit-forward anaerobic natural-processed coffee, grown by the community of Argopuro in East Java.



Ice cold watermelon at the first picnic of the season. Fresh-squeezed lemonade on an afternoon break from working in the garden. Early summer golden morning light. A Domenique Dumont record.



This seasonal coffee was imported in partnership with the Indonesian producer — Belift Green Beans as part of their mission to "revive Indonesian coffee in the international market."

Argopuro, the growing region that this coffee is named after, is in the foot hills of Mount Argopuro on Java Island. Most coffee farmers in Indonesia grow a very small amount of coffee alongside crops like tomatoes, chili peppers, and ginger. 

Historically, both the remoteness of the farms and the fragmented production system have made it very difficult to trace Indonesian coffee from farm to cup. The team at Belift however, is working directly with the farming communities in Argopuro and is hands-on with every step of production and export.

After ripe cherries are carefully picked, cleaned, and sorted, they are fermented in anaerobic tanks, then sun-dried, hulled, and packed for export. In Argopuro, this process uses fresh spring water — a rarity in Java.



Our coffees are purposefully versatile, for brewing whichever way you like! We’re excited to brew Argopuro on pour over and in our coffee machine, with a little coarser-than-normal grind and a 16 or 17-to-1 water-to-coffee ratio to go for a nice clean and clear cup!

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Origin: Indonesia
Region: Argopuro, East Java
Producer: Belift Green Beans
Process: Anaerobic Natural
We Taste: Pineapple, Raspberry, Watermelon, and Honey

Our Ground Coffee:

Over the years, we've honed in on a tried-and-true medium-coarse grind setting that works well for a range of home-brewing methods, including pour-overs, coffee machines, and french press. With this grind setting, you have the power to adjust the flavor of your coffee through your coffee to water ratio and water temperature. Feel free to email us with questions or for brewing help!