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Canyon Painted Mug

Each mug is a one-of-a-kind piece, hand-built and painted by hand by Los Angeles based visual artist Michelle Blade. We love the comfortable ease of the broad handle—smooth on the underside, lightly-coarse on the outside. They are a hearty size for drip coffee, holding between 12-14 ounces.

Product Details:

Holds 12-14 oz of coffee. Measures roughly  3’’ tall with a 3’’ diameter

Food safe and dishwasher safe, though hand-washing is always recommended.

Due to the nature of hand made production, please expect to see marks of craftsmanship and slight variations. Each piece is formed and painted by hand and no two pieces are identical. Pieces may vary slightly from the photographs in product listings.

More about Michelle Blade:

Michelle Blade is a visual artist known mainly for her paintings. She began working in ceramics in 2014 with an aim to create unique hand made, utilitarian objects to be enjoyed in the everyday.