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Casa Bosques

Casa Bosques x Canyon Coffee Chocolate Bar

Casa Bosques x Canyon Coffee Chocolate Bar

A journey of flavors for the palate to discover.

We partnered with one of our favorite chocolatiers, Casa Bosques, to create the perfect bar of chocolate. Subtly sweet, with pure cacao shell dusting the surface, you might find yourself wanting to eat it all in one go!

The single origin cacao from Belize melds with the grounded, subtle fruit notes of our Ethiopian coffee to create a simple yet layered chocolate. We couldn't be prouder of how this collaboration turned out, and we can't wait for you to try it!

Product Details:

Ingredients: organic coffee, organic cacao shell, organic cacao, organic cane sugar.

Net Weight 60g (2.12oz)

More about Casa Bosques:

We have been long-time fans of Casa Bosques, for  the high-quality single origin chocolate they produce, as well as their creative and beautiful way of presenting their products and story.

Upon our first conversation with Casa Bosques founder  Rafael Prieto, we knew the collaboration was a perfect fit. We discovered a mutual respect for each other's product and vision, and all wanted to taste what we knew would be an exceptional bar of chocolate.

Similar to Canyon Coffee, Casa Bosques has a single origin sourcing principle. They are constantly searching for rare and unique cacao beans to build a pure foundation while creating intrigue in their bars by blending with the highest quality raw ingredients available, such as preserved lemon, cardamom, and chamomile flower.

By experimenting with herbs and spices, grains, seeds, medicinal plants, and insects, Casa Bosques Chocolate surveys a vast range of international culinary experiences in order to recount authentic stories of provenance and taste.

“Each type of Casa Bosques chocolate represents a moment or a place in my life story linked to my own sense of wanderlust. Every time I am somewhere new, I imagine a new chocolate variety to represent that moment, place or emotion. Sometimes that means looking into tradition and experiment with friends and chefs in order to explore and learn from each other.”
- Rafael Prieto, Founder