Ceramic Coffee Scoop

By Aleisha Ellis of Utility Objects

Made in Atlanta, GA

We're thrilled to introduce our latest collaboration, a hand-built ceramic coffee scoop! We love the texture and feel of this scoop. In particular, we enjoy the contrast between the gritty exterior and the smooth, polished interior of the scoop. We also like the long handle, which makes for a little easier time scooping coffee out of our bags! 

While developing the scoop, we asked Aleisha if she could make them to consistently hold between 16-18g of coffee in a level scoop — and she nailed it. Using this scoop on the daily will enable you to consistently dose the same amount of coffee for your morning ritual, enabling you to play with the variables of grind setting and water volume to fine-tune your perfect recipe.

About the Artist

Aleisha Ellis is a ceramicist based in Atlanta, GA, creating pottery home goods under the name Utility Objects. She draws inspiration for her stoneware ceramics  from modern Japanese ceramics, which carry a natural and organic feel she admires.

In order to get a bowl-like shape for ideal scooping we designed this piece using both a hand-building and wheel throwing technique.