Dimtu Tero, organic Ethiopian coffee beans, by Canyon Coffee
Organic Ethiopian coffee by Canyon Coffee of Los Angeles, California

Dimtu Tero, Ethiopia (Certified Organic)

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We Taste:
Brown sugar, rose, papaya & lime

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100% Whole Bean Coffee
Guji  |  Grade 1
Process: Washed

We have been excited to introduce Dimtu Tero since first tasting advance samples earlier this year. Our second coffee from the reputable Guji region of Ethiopia, we were delighted at this harvest's brightness, juicy fruit notes and floral aromatics. Our note of "lime" came as a descriptor for the acidity of the coffee—smooth and sweet. 


From our import partners, Trabocca:

Getachew Zeleke, the founder of Dimtu Tero Farm, has set an ambitious goal for himself. He wants to become the leader in quality, traceability, and sustainability in the Guji zone. And he is convinced that this will be achieved by Guji’s work-force, the coffee smallholders of Odo Shakiso.

Getachew focuses on supply chain integration of stakeholders. Simply put, he works together with smallholders that have the vision to grow a thriving and sustainable coffee community near the villages of Tero, Jelewo Anona, Mancity, and Hangadi. They become equal partners.

The smallholders receive premiums on top of the regular cherry price, interest-free loans, improved coffee seedlings, processing equipment, and training – in productivity, quality, and sustainability. Bekele Beriso, a 90-year-old small-holder, explains “We are partners of Getachew. We work hard on the coffee farming side so that the buyer can pay a fair price for the coffee and reward us if they are happy with our coffee.”

Dimtu Tero is stretched over 151Ha land in the Odo Shakiso district, where the natural environment is favorable to produce some of the best coffees of Ethiopia. Getachew works with 136 registered smallholder farmers who collectively own 989 hectares of land. Coffee production and processing are done in an organic, socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner. This practice has been verified by BCS OKO as well as NOP, EU and JAS Organic.