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Finca Los Rodriguez

Finca Los Rodriguez

This seasonal coffee is a vibrant and deliciously fruit-forward natural-processed coffee, grown in Andes mountains, in the Samaipata region of Bolivia. Juicy and floral, with taste notes of raspberry, pear, and hibiscus. 


In 1986 banker Pedro Rodriguez turned his love for coffee into a small commercial-grade coffee exporting business. Still inspired 26 years later, Rodriguez acquired land of his own in Caranavi, a town in Bolivia’s warm and tropical eastern Andean foothills. This part of Bolivia had for decades been populated with indigenous smallholder coffee farmers, but after suffering multiple waves of disinvestment by the government the population was shrinking.

Rodriguez’s original farm, La Linda, was meant to take advantage of affordable land in the area and to demonstrate to local smallholders specifically how productivity could be increased for their benefit. Now, 10 years after La Linda was built, the family business includes 12 family farms between Caranavi and Samaipata, to the south, and a group of 100 smallholders.

Bolivia is South America's only landlocked coffee producing country and is the smallest exporter of coffee on the continent. The quality of that coffee, however, is hardly lacking in diversity or beauty.


Our coffees are purposefully versatile, for brewing whichever way you like! We’re excited to brew Finca Los Rodriguez on pour over and in our coffee machine, with a little coarser-than-normal grind and a 15 or 16-to-1 water-to-coffee ratio to go for a nice clean and clear cup!



Origin: Bolivia
Region: Samaipata 
Producer: The Rodriguez family
Process: Natural
We Taste:  Raspberry, pear & hibiscus

Our Ground Coffee:

Over the years, we've honed in on a tried-and-true medium-coarse grind setting that works well for a range of home-brewing methods, including pour-overs, coffee machines, and french press. With this grind setting, you have the power to adjust the flavor of your coffee through your coffee to water ratio and water temperature. Feel free to email us with questions or for brewing help!