About the Coffee

We Taste:
Black tea, nectarine and mandarin

Producer: Gachatha Farmers Cooperative Society
Origin:  Kenya
Region: Nyeri
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1800-2100 MASL
We're excited to introduce our first coffee from Kenya, grown by the farmers of the Gachatha Coffee Factory in Nyeri county. We have been blown away by this coffee! It's deliciously sweet and round, with fragrant floral aromatics, a balanced body, and juicy stone fruit and tropical fruit flavors. Our team has described it like a beautiful orange sunrise. 
The high elevation and deep red volcanic soils of the Gachatha co-op's land make for ideal coffee-growing conditions, and the years of experience of the growers (the co-op began in 1963) make for an operation that is prolific in producing incredible coffees. 

About the Producers

The Gachatha Coffee Factory is a co-op that began in 1963. There are currently around 1500 members of the co-op, who together grow and harvest on 392 acres of land. The co-op takes its environmental impact seriously, placing a high emphasis on the protection of indigenous trees and plants for the well-being of local bird species. They also treat all water used for the washing of coffee in "soak pits" to ensure all water returning to the water table is clean and safe.


When ripe, Gachatha's coffee cherries are hand-harvested by smallholder farmers, who then bring the cherries to the factory for processing. The cherries are wet-processed to remove skin and pulp, using a disc pulper with three sets of discs to aid in this process.

Once the seeds are de-pulped, they are fermented overnight to break down the sugars. The next day, the seeds are cleaned, soaked and spread out on raised drying tables. Time on the drying tables depends on current weather conditions, ambient temperature and total production volumes of the given batch.