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Grown by the farmers of the Gachatha Coffee Factory in Kenya this seasonal coffee is deliciously sweet and round, with fragrant floral aromatics and a balanced body. We taste juicy stone fruit and tropical fruit flavors.

Feels Like:

A beautiful orange sunrise.

Comes From:

The high elevation and deep red volcanic soils of the Gachatha co-op's land make for ideal coffee-growing conditions, and the years of experience of the growers make for an operation that is prolific in producing incredible coffees.
The Gachatha Coffee Factory is a co-op that began in 1963. There are currently around 1500 members of the co-op, who together grow and harvest on 392 acres of land. The co-op takes its environmental impact seriously, placing a high emphasis on the protection of indigenous trees and plants for the well-being of local bird species. They also treat all water used for the washing of coffee in "soak pits" to ensure all water returning to the water table is clean and safe.

Brew For:

Our coffees are purposefully versatile, for brewing whichever way you like, but we’re excited to brew Gachatha on drip.


Origin:  Kenya
Region: Nyeri
Producer: Gachatha Farmers Cooperative Society
Process: Washed
We Taste: Black tea, nectarine, & mandarin 

Our Ground Coffee: 

Over the years, we've honed in on a tried-and-true medium-coarse grind setting that works well for a range of home-brewing methods, including pour overs, coffee machines and french press. With this grind setting, you have the power to adjust the flavor of your coffee through your coffee to water ratio and water temperature. Feel free to email us with questions or for brewing help!