An orange next to a handmade scoop
Overview photo fo 6 handmade wood Canyon Coffee scoops
Photo of artist Kelle Ramsey making handmade wood Canyon Coffee scoops
Overhead shot of one wood Canyon Coffee scoop, made by Kelle Ramsey

Wooden Coffee Scoop

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Handmade in Ventura, CA
by artist Kelle Ramsey

We are so excited to share this collection of handmade wooden coffee scoops made by artist and woodworker Kelle Ramsey. 

To learn more about Kelle and her story, check out our interview with her on Morning Rituals.

Often overlooked or taken for granted, the coffee scoop is a crucial and treasured part of our home coffee set up. Using the same scoop every morning enables us to be consistent with our coffee measurements—without the use of a scale. This, in turn, helps us to dial in increasingly delicious coffee.

For example, we always use 2 Canyon Scoops of coffee for our V60. With that amount of coffee consistent, we'll able to play with the variables of (1) our grind setting, (2) our water temperature, and (3) how much water we use to make the pour over. 

We love these scoops. Made by hand, they are very smooth to the touch. The handle has a slight thickening at the end making it feel comfortable to hold between the thumb and finger. And the spoon basin is chiseled to form perfect little grooves for our coffee beans to sit in :)