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Olivewood French Press

From Hario, which translates to "The King of Glass" in Japanese, this beautiful french press will add warmth to any kitchen. Its minimal design features a natural olivewood lid and heatproof glass body and handle.
One of our favorite features is its volumetric indicator lines printed on the glass. This makes it easy for anyone to measure how much water they're adding to their brew, enabling great consistency and an opportunity to experiment with different brew ratios without a scale.
The fine mesh filter makes it easy to brew coffee rich and flavorful — without grounds clouding your cup!

Product Details:

- Heatproof glass body and handle, olivewood lid
- Capacity 600ml, 2-3 cups
- Product Dimensions approximately 5" x 7" x 4.5"
- Made in Japan

The Canyon Recipe: 

The French Press is a classic way to brew coffee and a great entry-level method for those new to brewing by hand at home. Here's a starter recipe that anyone can use — no scale required. It equates to a roughly 15-to-1 water-to-coffee ratio. With the volumetric lines on the side of this press, experimenting to get your cup tasting just how you want it is easy.

Equipment needed:

- French Press
- 1/3 cup
- water kettle
- spoon

Ideal equipment:

- burr grinder

1. Bring your kettle to a boil — preferably with filtered water. If you have a variable temperature electric kettle, set it to 203°F

2. Grind 1/3 cup of whole bean coffee coarsely (ideally with a burr grinder!). With the coffee grounds steeping in hot water for ~4 minutes, coffee that's ground too fine can make for a bitter, over-extracted cup.

3. Option: pre-heat your press with hot water once it's boiled. Discard that water into your mug(s) to pre-heat them, in turn.

4. Add your grounds to the press. Once the water has been off-boil for at least 30-40 seconds, start timer (you can use your phone) and pour just enough water over the grounds to get them all wet. Give the press a swirl to ensure all grounds are wet.

5. Let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds.

6. After 30 seconds, fill the french press until the water (not the top of the grounds) reach the 600ml mark on the side of the press.

7. At 4:00 minutes, press the plunger. Serve your coffee and enjoy!


A great way to experiment with this press is to keep using the same amount of coffee (a level 1/3 cup), but change the amount of water you're using. If you use the same amount of coffee but fill up to the 500ml mark, for example, you will be effectively brewing at a 12-to-1 water-to-coffee ratio (instead of 15-to-1), increasing your brew strength by the proportion of coffee in the press.

Other ways to increase brew strength include:
- grind slightly finer
- use hotter water
- increase coffee dose
- decrease water dose

Ways to decrease brew strength, which could enable a slightly more nuanced, clean cup:
- grind coarser
- use cooler water
- decrease coffee dose
- increase water dose