Rachel Saunders Canyon Mug
Rachel Saunders Canyon Mug
A hand holding a pink-glazed ceramic mug by Rachel Saunders. The mug has a gold river painted on it, mimicking the gold line from Canyon Coffee's bag.

Rachel Saunders Canyon Mug

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We've been big fans of Vancouver Island-based Rachel Saunders ceramics for a while now. When we reached out to her earlier this year to see if she'd be interested in creating a new Canyon mug with us—she was in Morocco at the time—we were elated when she said yes!

We started trading ideas with Rachel. We really loved her warm and simple approach to a classic mug, with its long handle. With that as the structural base, Rachel proposed doing a light pink glaze with our signature golden canyon line (sidenote—we love hearing what people think the line is, whether it's a path, a river, Mulholland or Topanga Canyon road!). 

Inspired by the Japanese kintsugi method of repairing broken pottery with gold-dusted lacquer (kintsugi literally translates to "gold joinery"), Rachel went to work developing a gold line that would hold its own and complement a light pink glaze. 

We were truly amazed when we saw the result! The mugs are beautiful. And we love having the gold line encapsulated in something permanent that we can enjoy every morning.


3.5" W x 4" H
Handle extends 1.5" out from the circumference of the mug. 


Mugs should NOT go in microwave. They technically can go in the dishwasher, but should be washed by hand!