Raro Boda

Raro Boda Natural processed coffee by Canyon Coffee
A 12oz bag of Canyon Coffee's Raro Boda, a natural coffee from Ethiopia.

About Raro Boda:

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Guji, Yirgacheffe
Elevation: 2300 MASL
Process: Natural
Processor: Negusse Debela (SNAP)
We Taste: Blackberry, Tart Cherry and Strawberry

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Raro Boda is a community high in the mountains of the Uraga region of Guji, a "zone" in southern Ethiopia. At 2,300 meters above sea level (nearly a mile-and-a-half), the area’s terroir brings great potential for excellent coffee quality.

Named after the community where it was grown, this coffee is the first natural-processed coffee we've introduced.


The natural process is the oldest method of processing coffee. In this process, once the cherries are harvested, they are set out to dry in the sun—fruit and all. To ensure quality, the cherries are carefully monitored. They’re often raked to promote even drying, and covered at night or when it rains. Once the cherry’s moisture level has diminished to around 11%, the cherries are depulped (usually through a machine), sorted by size and weight, and packed up into GrainPro sacks to be transported to roasters like us!


This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around Guaya’b Asociación Civil (GUAYA’B), an association of 640 members living in the municipalities of Jacaltenango, San Antonio Huista, and Unión Cantinil, within the department of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The farms have been certified organic and Bird-Friendly by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. GUAYA’B provides members with access to micro-financing to ensure year-round farm maintenance and periodic renovations. GUAYA’B also provides technical assistance, which includes soil analysis and training on organic fertilizer production. Additionally, GUAYA’B has a centralized wet-mill equipped with environmental controls to return water to the environment free of contamination.


Once they're delivered by farmers to the Raro Boda processing station, the cherries go through extensive sorting to keep only the best. The coffee is spread on raised beds in a single layer to keep the drying consistent and prevent wild or funky notes from forming.

After the coffee dries on the raised beds in single layers for approximately 10 days, the coffee is put on tarps in thicker layers and dried mostly in shade to better homogenize the moisture level.

Total drying times on the raised beds and the tarp range from 15-20 days depending on weather. The cherries are then depulped in Raro Boda's natural milling station, and the seeds are transported to the SNAP warehouse in Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa, for further milling.

About the Farm

These cherries were grown and harvested around the Raro Boda community by individual farmers, who bring their cherries to the processing station once they're harvested. The processing station is run by Negussie Debela, founder of SNAP Coffee.

Negussie is relatively new to the coffee industry. He's been known more for his success in his computer business. But after being inspired by a pour over coffee he had on a trip to Minnesota (Casey's home state!), he understood the full potential of coffee from his home country. He returned and dove in wholeheartedly, with a goal of becoming one of the best quality exporters of coffee in Ethiopia. He began by touring coffee regions and studying farming and processing, and then enlisting the help of Abenezer Asafaw, a young coffee professional, as his quality and coffee manager.

Together, they began managing coffee processing sites around Nensebo, Yirgacheffe, and Guj, bought land to build their own processing sites, and in 2019, they completed their own dry mill.

Raro Boda Natural processed coffee by Canyon Coffee
A 12oz bag of Canyon Coffee's Raro Boda, a natural coffee from Ethiopia.