Single Origin Duo

The Single Origin Duo is a great intro to our more vibrant fruit- and/or floral-forward coffees. It's a perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life, as well as for Canyon fans who are used to our staples like Beachwood and Tolima Especial to try something new!

Our current Single Origin Duo coffee selection includes:
Worka Chelbesa & Virgelina Perdomo


Trying out the Single Origin Duo gives you (or someone special) the opportunity to enjoy two of our current favorite seasonal coffees. Just as fresh produce changes from season to season, we often only have these coffees for a few months at a time. 

As with all our coffees, we feel the whole bean options we choose for this box have been produced exceptionally well. The cherries are watched over and cared for meticulously, and plucked by hand at just the right moment of ripeness. If you're new to the specialty coffee world, trying these out will be a great introduction to quality coffees grown with care, and roasted with our approach to produce a cup that's smooth, balanced and sweet.

For seasoned coffee veterans, the sweetness and smooth fruit and floral-forward notes of these coffees will be sure to satisfy!

We hope you enjoy!

Not seeing a coffee you want? Shoot us a message and let's talk :)