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Soil Starter

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Created by Finca Tierra Negra
Pasadena, CA

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To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day (est. April 22, 1970), we are excited to make the Soil Starter mulch by Finca Tierra Negra of Pasadena, CA, available through our online shop! The mulch pairs perfectly with your used coffee grounds as an addition of "browns" to your compost. 
Learn more about Finca Tierra Negra in our Earth Day feature on founder Britt Browne!
This Soil Starter is a mulch made from a blend of ingredients from the forest floor: Mulberry, Oak, Ash, Podocarpus, Mix of Citruses and Sweet Laurel Bay.
Layer the mulch on top of your food scraps with coffee grounds using the ratio of 2x browns to greens. This comprises Finca Tierra Negra's “secret ingredient” to making Lasagna Compost ;)
Mulch is also great for making teas, layering onto your bare earth or exposed soil to keep moisture in and to add a layer of organic matter that will in turn foster fungal relationships. 
Make a cold brew to nourish a potted plant!
Measures: 10 x 12" double drawstring bag
Weighs: 3 quarts / 2 lbs.

Biodegradeable bag dyed naturally with avocado pits.