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The Canyon Suite

 The Canyon Suite Includes:

1x 12 oz Bag of Organic Beachwood Coffee (Whole Bean)
1x Bona Kettle
1x Kettle Holder
1x Chemex (8 cup)
1x Chemex Filters

The Canyon Suite will have you ready to start making pour overs at home immediately! It pairs a bag of our best-selling coffee, Beachwood, the Bona Kettle, our favorite kettle holder, a classic chemex, and filters to fit. 

More ideas to complete the set:

If you're building a new coffee set-up from scratch, the only other piece you will want (in our opinion!) to make the best coffee possible at home is a burr grinder. We sell the Encore by Baratza, the grinder we have used at home for years!


Holiday Gift Packaging:

All gifts shipped in a kraft paper box, accented with Canyon’s signature details —such as a beautiful postcard featuring an image shot by photographer Justin Chung.