Bag of Canyon coffee lying flat next to Guided By Food book by Barbara Jacops
Guided By Food travel book
Valentine Book Bundle

Valentine Book Bundle

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For Valentine's Day this year, we wanted to share the kinds of gifts we would get for each other, or even for friends. Gifts that have a little more thought or meaning behind them. 

The Valentine Book Bundle includes:
One 12oz bag of Whole Bean Coffee (Your Choice!)
One copy of Guided By Food


" Breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner and everything in between around the world"
Guided By Food is the closest thing to our Canyon Coffee guides, but much more in-depth and in printed form! It is a practical guide and resource to finding great coffee and food while traveling. Its contents include a unique combination of culinary hotspots and travel tips to cities such as: San Francisco, Oaxaca, Tulum, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen, Portland, Ibiza, Lima, Carthagena, Tokyo, Lisbon, Cape Town, and even... Los Angeles! 
In fact, we're honored to have a page dedicated to some of Ally's favorite food and coffee spots around LA. Hundreds of locations and travel tips: restaurants, bars, coffee bars and hotels. Curated, preselected: all you need to do is to book your plane ticket.