Virgelina Perdomo, Colombia (Microlot)
Virgelina Perdomo, Colombia (Microlot)
A 12oz bag of coffee grown by farmer Virgelina Perdomo, roasted by Canyon Coffee, with a pink label and gold foil river, sitting on a wood table.
Bag of coffee grown by Virgelina Perdomo, roasted by Canyon Coffee, leaning on a ceramic cup..

Virgelina Perdomo, Colombia (Microlot)

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We're excited to introduce our first microlot, grown by farmer Virgelina Perdomo with help from her daughters,  Viviana and Lina Marcela, who help with production and processing at the far—an all women household!
We're honored to be able to showcase the quality coffee delivered by Virgelina and her daughters. Over the course of tasting dozens of coffees at the beginning of summer, their coffee really stood out for its round juiciness, sweet caramel body, and notes of passion fruit. The coffee stood out in a large field of coffees from which our other selections were Sollomo and Gamatui.
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We Taste:
Caramel, Vanilla and Passion Fruit

100% Whole Bean Coffee
Farmer: Virgelina Perdomo
Farm Name: El Diamante
Elevation: 1750m
Process: Washed
Location: Garzón, Huila Department, Colombia
Variety: Castillo



Thank you to our import partners Sustainable Harvest, a Certified B Corporation, for sharing this video of Virgelina with us, and for all your work building relationships with and investing in the lives and communities of farmers like Virgelina!

What is a microlot?

As the name implies, a coffee microlot is relatively smaller than a normal lot, or harvest yield, of coffee. But why is it smaller? Often, microlots are the result of a single farmer or group of farmers dedicating a smaller plot of land to which they can give more time with higher quality of care and attention to detail. The end result is often a higher quality, more valuable coffee.