Coffee Scoop

Add consistency to your coffee-making ritual with this charming wooden coffee scoop. Being able to use the same amount of coffee regularly helps you make small changes to other variables (for example, how fine you're grinding) to control the flavor and strength of your coffee.  

One scoop typically holds between 17-18g of coffee. For the two of us, we typically grind 2 scoops of whole coffee beans in our burr grinder fresh before brewing. This comes out to between 34-36 grams of coffee, which is a perfect amount for the two of us to have a cup via pourover. 

Often overlooked or taken for granted, the coffee scoop is a crucial and treasured part of our home coffee set up. Using the same scoop every morning enables us to be consistent with our coffee measurements—without the use of a scale. This, in turn, helps us to dial in increasingly delicious coffee.

For example, we always use 2 Canyon Scoops of coffee for our V60. With that amount of coffee consistent, we'll able to play with the variables of (1) our grind setting, (2) our water temperature, and (3) how much water we use to make the pour over.