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Theo, how do you like to start each day? Do you have a ritual? And has it changed over time?

It seems you have a bi-coastal existence, spending time in your home state of Rhode Island and here in Los Angeles. What do you like about living in each place?

How does your environment impact your perspective?

Did you always imagine a creative life for yourself?

As a multi-faceted person, it seems you’ve found a nice balance of artistry and entrepreneurship. How do you manage that? And what does it look like, on the daily or weekly, to engage in these different kinds of pursuits?

Is there a throughline to your different work and creative pursuits? Or is there something you aim to inspire or share with the world?

You have Cereal & Such, your studio, Posture, and have been releasing a steady stream of new musical releases. What are you working on now, and what are you excited about next?