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Tips + Recipes

Learn: How to Use a Scale to Brew Delicious Coffee

Learn: How to Make an Iced Pour Over

Learn: How to Make a V60 Pour Over for One

Sourcing + Roasting

Learn: How We Source Coffee at Canyon

Learn: Why Organic Coffee is Important to Canyon

Learn How we Roast Coffee at Canyon

Learn about: What is Coffee?


How to Make Coffee While Camping

No road trip is complete without brewing up some delicious coffee to enjoy in the outdoors! Read on for our coffee camping set-up, with a few options to fit different styles and levels of com

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How to Make an Instant Iced Latte

There's something special about having a quick, delicious cup at a moment's notice - that's what Canyon Instant is for! Try this simple and delicious recipe for and iced latte - Canyon style.

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