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We started Canyon in 2016 from our LA apartment — inspired by a love of exploration and experiences that remind us to live from a place of wonder, openness, and possibility. 

As frequent travelers, visiting beautiful coffee shops became focal points of our trips. From morning cappuccinos in Paris cafes to after-dinner espressos in Rome, coffee offered a shared lens for experiencing new places. At home in Beachwood Canyon, making coffee for each other was a treasured ritual, adding a rhythm to the busyness of life.

Over time, we became our friends’ go-to coffee resource, fielding questions on where to find the best beans, how to make a pour over, or where to get a decent cup in a random town. Inspired to turn our passion into something that could be tangibly shared (and with our collective experience working in coffee shops and with independent businesses), we partnered with James—a friend and coffee roaster—and Canyon was born. 

Starting from neighborhood pop-ups and selling coffee to our favorite LA boutiques, Canyon organically evolved from pulling espresso on weekends to having our coffees served in cafes, shops, offices, markets, and hotels across the US. At every step, we’ve intentionally grown Canyon based on our values — sourcing the highest quality, organic beans available; developing long-term relationships with our community, our farms, and our wholesale partners; and sharing resources, tools, and education on how to brew delicious coffee every day. Today you’ll find Canyon in hundreds of locations around the world, and in our own neighborhood shop.

On any day, you might find us brewing a big pot of Canyon on an early morning with our son…or making instant coffee while camping from the back of our car…or taking the time for a Chemex on a slow Saturday breakfast with friends. We believe in rituals that resonate with wherever you find yourself — and hope to inspire moments of connection through coffee. 

With Warmth,

Ally & Casey