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March 15, 2019

Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz of Canyon Coffee at home | Photo by Anais & Dax

We had our friends Anais & Dax over to our home in Echo Park recently for some coffee. As usual, we had some great conversations about what we've been into, what we've been reading, etc... and they took some really beautiful photos of our space. 


Canyon Coffee with Michelle Blade mug | photo by Anais & Dax

We decided to share some of the photos and also tie in some of our current reading / inspiration selections. Hope you enjoy!

All photos by Anaïs and Dax


Ally and Casey in their home office in Echo Park | Anais & Dax

Ally Walsh & Casey Wojtalewicz of Canyon Coffee at home | photo Anaïs & Dax


Favorite books:
  • Motel Chronicles - Sam Sheppard
  • Moon Palace - Paul Auster
  • East of Eden - Steinbeck
  • All the Little Live Things - Wallace Stegner
  • Slow Days Fast Company - Eve Babitz
Reading right now: Room to Dream by David Lynch and The Unprofessionals issue of The Paris Review.
Random: Eating so much citrus because it’s the season… obsessed, qumquat, tangos, blood oranges, cuties… pairs really well with almonds and dates!
Coffee and oranges in the home of Canyon Coffee - photo by Anais and Dax

Casey and Ally of Canyon Coffee enjoying coffee at home | photo by Anais & Dax


Reading now: Cherry by Nico Walker, who was a medic in Iraq and then dealt with PTSD and his opioid addiction. It’s bracingly funny, tender and dives into the dark heart of the country.

Watching: (On a brighter note!) High Maintenance; the writing of the show is such a beautiful love letter to New York, and it’s overall so fun and so clever.

Random: Also been loving Canyon’s decaf, and drinking Pu'er Tea! Otherwise, any chance I get, I go surfing when we’re not on jobs. Just bought a new board shaped by Ryan Lovelace and loving it!

Canyon Coffee bags and pour over | photos by Anais & Dax

Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz of Canyon Coffee | Photo Anaïs and Dax


Reading: Song Of Achilles - Madeline Miller

Listening: Oprah's podcast, Super Soul !

Getting More Into: Katonah Yoga

Random: Donald Judd x Marfa

Casey Wojtalewicz making a pour over at home / pink mug | photos by Anais and Dax
Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz in their Echo Park home 2019 | photo by Anais & Dax


Reading: Eager by Ben Goldfarb. All about beavers—how they restore ecosystems, raise water tables, replenish aquifers, retain nutrients and mostly just rule. I am a beaver believer.

And The Garden of Eden, by Hemingway.

Other Recent Favorite Reads: When by Daniel Pink and Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins

Listening to: The Daily Podcast

Random: Coffee growers in California, and super excited at the opening of Neighborhood Los Angeles

Casey Wojtalewicz of Canyon Coffee | photo Anaïs and Dax

Canyon Coffee pour over | photo Anais & Dax
Canyon Coffee home office | Anaïs and Dax
Ally and Casey in their home office | Photo Anaïs and Dax
Mattea Perrotta painting in the home of Casey Wojtalewicz and Ally Walsh of Canyon Coffee | photo by Anais & Dax
Canyon Coffee home office

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September 27, 2023

This blog was really great, never seen a great blog like this before. I think I am going to share this to my friends.


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