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RECIPE:  Elderflower Espresso Tonic

Inspired by a yearning for warmer days, this at-home Elderflower Espresso Tonic recipe is a refreshing mid day pick-me-up guaranteed to add a little sunshine back to your gloomy winter days. 

The classic espresso tonic is usually something you can only pick up in person at your favorite local cafe, but this recipe, using our Sagebrush Instant Coffee, is simple, quick and requires minimal effort to make at home.

The fruity and floral essence of the FeverTree Elderflower Tonic Water paired with the juiciness of our Sagebrush Instant is the perfect combination, and if you need a little extra sweetness we recommend adding 1 TSP of your favorite raw honey.  

Ingredients —

1 packet Canyon Sagebrush Instant Coffee

Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic Water

Honey (optional) 

Instructions  —

1. Start by pouring one small Elderflower Tonic Water over ice.

2.  In a separate vessel mix to dissolve one packet of Sagebrush Instant Coffee with 2oz hot water (ideally 185-190 degrees F) adding honey while mixing if desired. 

3. Pour slowly over your tonic water and enjoy!