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March 09, 2021

While friends and fans of Canyon know we're all about slowing down and taking time for our coffee-making ritual, there's also something special about having a quick, delicious cup at a moment's notice! That's what Canyon Instant is there for, after all. And while our initial impetus for making instant coffee was to bring our coffee ritual with us wherever we went, we've had plenty of time over the last year to play with it and find more ways to enjoy it at home.

Fun fact about our instant coffee: since it's fully brewed before freeze-drying, you don't necessarily need hot water to "bring it to life" — any temperature will do. This means you can enjoy a hot OR iced up of coffee in seconds. 

So without further ado, here's a step-by-step for making a Canyon Instant Iced Latte:


All you need is:
Canyon Instant
Milk of your choice
Sweetener (optional)


1.  Fill a glass or tumbler with ice
2.  In a separate glass, pour 6 - 8 oz of water.
3.  Pour one packet of Canyon Instant into the water.

How to make an instant iced coffee at home.


4.  Stir well!

(If you like your coffee sweetened, this is a good time to stir in some maple syrup, honey or other sweetener!).


Stirring Canyon Instant coffee.


 5. Pour coffee over ice.

Iced Instant coffee poured over ice    

(You can also stop here and enjoy an iced coffee, black!)

Canyon Instant iced coffee


6.  Pour in milk of your choice to taste.


Instant iced latte recipe with Canyon Coffee; easy to make home coffee recipes




Canyon Instant coffee


Order some Canyon Instant today!

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