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Travels with Photographer Lucy Laucht

We met photographer Lucy Laucht in the way of many modern encounters — on Instagram. We found both her escape from the hustle of NYC to the English countryside and her photography equal parts inspiring.

We asked Lucy to photograph her daily ritual at her home in Cornwall, and sent her some Canyon to enjoy. We feel her photos really capture the joy and connection that these small moments — our rituals — inspire.

Changing things up from our typical interview structure, we gave Lucy a series of prompts on coffee, ritual, travel, and more. 

On coffee —


Always      quiet morning silence     with coffee


 My favorite way to make coffee is:      On the stovetop. A friend gifted me a 1980s electric coffee grinder, which is a delightful addition to my morning coffee ritual.    

On Travel  —


 I feel inspired when I visit:    Italy, particularly Naples.   


 I never leave for a trip without:      a film camera, film and a gold St Christopher charm.   

On Ritual   —


A place that feels like home is:   Cornwall, by the sea. But I’ve come to learn home is a sense, not a place.  


Daily, I:    walk the dog in the woods and catch the sunrise over the creek. I’m usually still in pyjamas with a coffee in hand, hoping I don’t meet anyone.  

On Entertaining   —


When I host, I always enjoy:   the post-dinner table scene, the more spilled red wine and crumbs the better. A sign of a good time.  


A go-to recipe is:  Ottolenghi pasta alla norma which changed my opinion on eggplant forever.  

On "The Moment"   —


To connect, I ask:   For space to slow down and see. 


The most unexpected moment I have captured on film is:   the ferry journey from Naples to Stromboli. The full moon setting behind Stromboli volcano as the sun rose to the east is a sublime moment that will stay with me. 

Lucy Laucht is a travel, fashion and lifestyle photographer who lives between the U.K and New York.

All Photos by: Lucy Laucht