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Travel Diary — 

 with Photographer Luna Antonia Arboleda

We met german photographer Luna Antonia Arboleda while planning our sourcing trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. Looking to collaborate with a photographer who currently lives and works in Oaxaca, we came across Luna's work. While visiting — we met with the community that defines her life there, discovering new food, and trying coffee. 

A year later, we are still inspired by Luna's art and the captivating way in which she documents the world around her. 

Read on for a glimpse into her daily life in Oaxaca and a series of prompts we gave Luna on coffee, ritual, travel, and more. 

On coffee...

Best with something sweet and delicious to accompany it. Preferably fresh and warm out of the oven!

On Travel...

Place of inspiration and happiness and an opportunity to grow by getting to know a new culture and place and leaving your old ways behind by embracing all that is new. 

On Ritual...

Rituals are something sacred and divine to me that create the warmest feeling while being practiced. 

On Entertaining...

I love entertaining friends and loved ones at our home and creating a sanctuary that is for us to share. There always has to be dessert. 

On "The Moment"...

It is an everyday practice to stay in the moment and be present and thankful for what is right in front of me in that specific time and place. I also feel in the moment while taking pictures of people and I get to share a very special instant of time for that specific flash of a second. 

Luna Antonia Arboleda is a food, travel and lifestyle photographer who lives in Oaxaca.

All Photos by:  Luna Antonia Arboleda