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Behind the Scenes: The Canyon Roastery

Photos: Willem Verbeeck

In late October 2023, seven years after the launch of Canyon, we dropped our first batch of green coffee into the roaster at our new  facility in Downtown Los Angeles.

Our friend, photographer Willem Verbeeck, noticed some of our stories of the space when it was still under construction. He grabbed his camera and came down to shoot some film, ultimately capturing a beautiful before and after sequence of what we've nicknamed the Canyon Factory.


We were able to start Canyon by roasting on other companies' equipment — starting out in Oxnard, and from 2018 on in Chinatown. All the while, we knew that for Canyon to grow sustainably, a roasting facility of our own was in our future.

We began looking at warehouses five years ago, and must have looked at near-100 before finding what would become our future home — right off the Central Ave exit on the 10 freeway.

We designed the space mindfully, with the intention of creating a streamlined work environment that would remain enjoyable to work in even as we continue to grow.


Since our doors opened in late October, we couldn't feel more grateful for our new home. For the first time in Canyon's history, we can pack up and ship our coffee out of the same building where it's roasted (no transport to a separate warehouse required!).

Our offices are in the same building, meaning our roasting, warehouse and sales team are all under the same roof together for the first time.

As we continue to get settled, we look forward to hosting some events to share our new home with the community. Until then, we'll be continuing to do what we've always set out to do — roast great coffee, and spread the warmth of the coffee ritual.