"Harvest" by Sameer Gadhia

This week's playlist is by our friend Sameer Gadhia. A musician and writer, Sameer is best known as the frontman of the band Young the Giant. Casey first became friends with Sameer when his old band, Cayucas, supported Young the Giant on tour. It turned out that Sameer and his wife, Jess, lived close to us in Santa Monica at the time, and we feel lucky to have become better friends with them over the years!
For this playlist, we'll let Sameer introduce it in his words:
"Amidst quarantine, I have learned to face my greatest fears. Before, I would avoid their gaze, bracing myself for the impact of a great uncertainty that never knocks. Now, I barrel down their doors, only to find open space for my imagination to draw soil and take root. 
"But first—coffee. I put on this playlist as an accompaniment to the ritual. As sounds from Malaga and Mumbai fill the kitchen, so do the smells of harvest from Chochajau and Cajamarca. 
"I tinker with my espresso machine—notch the settings, tamp the grind—though I am barely awake. Great Sleep laughs as he watches me fumble with his locks, but as I take my first sip, I know I have finally left his house, off to see nature take its course."
- Sameer Gadhia