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Canyon Coffee

The Cold Brew Kit


The Cold Brew Kit

The Cold Brew Kit Includes:  

1x Hario Cold Brew Bottle

1x 12oz Bag of Organic Gedeb Coffee

Minimal, yet warm, this glass bottle carafe and filter makes it easy to make delicious cold brew at home. Paired with our best-selling Ethiopian coffee, Gedeb, you'll be all set to brew all summer long. Read on for our perfect cold brew recipe!

The Canyon Recipe:

Prior to initial use, give your new cold brew maker a good clean and rinse.

- Grind 60 grams of coffee (or a heaping half-cup, if you don’t have a scale!) coarsely — ideally with a burr grinder.

- After removing the top from the filter “compartment,” add your ground coffee and reattach the top

- Attach the compartment to the bottle top by twisting until it locks

- Attach the bottle top by pressing down onto the glass. Press all the way until the top naturally comes to a stop.

- Pop the cap off the bottle top, and pour water through the top until you’ve filled the bottle to the top of the mesh “rectangles” of the filter compartment.

- Replace the cap and shake gently, but thoroughly. Your goal is to ensure all your coffee grounds in the compartment are getting immersed in the water.

- Let the coffee brew in your refrigerator for at least 8 hours. The longer you let it brew, the more the coffee will extract (and the more caffeinated your cold brew will be!).

- After 8, but ideally no more than 12 hours, give the bottle another shake. Remove the bottle top and unscrew the filter. The coffee inside can be composted.

- Replace the bottle top. Remove the cap to pour cold brew out. Serve chilled over ice, and enjoy black or with your milk and/or sweeteners of choice!


Available year-round, from the Gedeb region in Ethiopia. We love coffees from this area for their fragrant, floral aroma, sweet, balanced taste, and smooth lime-like acidity.

Origin: Ethiopia
Producer: SNAP Coffee
Region: Gedeb
Process: Washed
Certification: Organic
We Taste: Persimmon, Lime and Bergamot