Barcelona coffee guide, by Canyon Coffee
Nømad Coffee Shop in Barcelona
Coffee in Barcelona, at Espai Joliu

| Travel + Coffee Guide | Barcelona

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We're very happy to introduce the first of our Canyon Coffee travel and coffee guides! We're starting off with a look into coffee in one of our favorite cities in the world: Barcelona.

On a recent trip to Portugal, we took a short flight from Porto to Barcelona for the weekend. We spent the whole time meandering around the city on foot and bicycle, exploring every alley that drew our curiosity. In addition to the beautiful architecture and delicious food, we came across some amazing coffee shops. 

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Travel has been a huge factor in developing our passion for coffee. Since we met, finding and visiting coffee shops has always been a highlight of our travels. Especially when on short trips (like this one, in Barcelona), stopping into a roaster is a great way to get a taste of the local culture and pick up some tips for other good spots to visit.

Our guides are a way for us to share places we've visited and enjoyed. Rather than comprehensive, they're intended to provide little glimpses into larger environments that hold any number of possibilities and will appeal to you in myriad ways, should you make the trip! 

We hope to inspire, add a few spots to your itinerary, and make sure no trip goes without delicious coffee :)

Ally & Casey