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Coffee Guide | Copenhagen

Coffee Guide | Copenhagen

We were drawn to Copenhagen for many reasons: the world-renowned food scene, the design and architecture, hygge, the bicycle culture, the consistent awards for best city to live in and happiest citizens, and, of course, for the coffee.

In late summer, the days are long and the golden hour stretches for hours. The Danes take full advantage of the warmth and daylight. It feels like everyone is outside enjoying the weather at every opportunity.

That being said, it was evident to us (even in summer) how Danes cope with the long cold winters. They have mastered coziness. Huge windows maximize natural light indoors, candles are always glowing, and interiors are the perfect confluence of comfort and style.

Nowhere is this more on display than in Copenhagen’s coffee shops. We’ve listed some of our favorites from our visit in this guide.


Coffee Collective
Atelier September
Kompa 9
Admiralgade 26
Central Hotel Cafe
Rist Kafe
La Banchina

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Travel has been a huge factor in developing our passion for coffee. Since we met, finding and visiting coffee shops has always been a highlight of our travels. Especially when on short trips, stopping into a roaster is a great way to get a taste of the local culture and pick up some tips for other good spots to visit.

Our guides are a way for us to share places we've visited and enjoyed. Rather than comprehensive, they're intended to provide little glimpses into larger environments that hold any number of possibilities and will appeal to you in myriad ways, should you make the trip! 

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We hope to inspire, add a few spots to your itinerary, and make sure no trip goes without delicious coffee :)

Ally & Casey