Position Description: Café General Manager

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS:  We are excited to open applications for the General Manager / Head Barista position of a new specialty coffee shop (heretofore referred to as simply "Shop") we have been helping bring to life in the Hollywood area. Shop is set to open late September / early October.

Please see position description below.

Resume and cover letters can be sent to us at HELLO@CANYONCOFFEE.CO with subject "Shop GM - [Your Name]."

Interviews will take place this week & next weekend. We also welcome applications for experienced and entry-level barista's at this time, though interviews & hiring for those positions will take place in September. Please send resumes with subject "Shop Barista - [Your Name]."

Applications for GM position close Thursday, August 9 at Noon Pacific.


Position Description:
[Shop] General Manager


Shop General Manager (GM) is responsible for overseeing all operations of the restaurant, including hiring, training and performance management of all supervisory and hourly staff, inventory management, customer service, and creation of store goals and promotions to foster community, build a core of returning customers, and encourage growth. The GM reports to the owner & leadership team.

The Shop

The Shop is located in the east Hollywood area. It is to be a full service specialty coffee and dessert shop with limited food menu. Our mission is to create a comfortable space and valuable community asset for the surrounding neighborhoods, serving premium quality beverages and food in a warm, inviting atmosphere appropriate for individuals and families alike.

Roles & Responsibilities



  • Participate in a leadership role with high level of input and decision-making authority in the lead-up to the shop opening
  • In the lead-up to opening, work closely with Owner & Leadership Team to:
    • Create an agreed-upon work plan and timeline with regard to hiring, training, first orders, and development of protocols, systems, recipes and flow
    • Build framework for team roles and leadership positions
    • Develop shift schedule structure and template
    • Develop Shop culture, values, mission & spirit, and methodology for translating that ethos to Shop team
    • Develop methodology to translate values & identity of Shop to team members
  • Recruit, interview and hire opening Leadership staff & team 
  • Develop training timeline and curriculum
  • Oversee training of opening team & soft launch
  • Work closely with equipment & service providers to facilitate install of shop equipment and develop preventive maintenance check-up schedule
  • Active, on-the-floor presence throughout initial opening


Leadership and Team Organization

  • Lead and model overall culture, values, mission, and spirit of the company. Is knowledgeable about the ideals and principles of the Shop and ensures that the story is appropriately conveyed by staff and store environment.
  • Create, adjust, and implement training plans for new employees. Ensures full understanding and regularly observes and coaches staff on their performance, celebrating successes as well as discussing and offering suggestions if more feedback is needed.
  • With management team, performs annual employee reviews and conducts ongoing coaching and training sessions to ensure high levels of performance.
  • Organize labor to ensure adequate staffing.
  • Conduct regular management meetings to review financial reports, issues related to personnel, upcoming promotions, events, and activities, etc.
  • Help to create positive, enthusiastic, and well-trained store culture by providing an informed, honest, and optimistic example for the team.
  • Respond appropriately to ideas, concerns, complaints, and comments from management and staff.
  • Model proper attendance, punctuality, customer service, and overall attitude.
  • Makes decisions on matters of importance at the store level.


Sales, Reporting, and Financial Responsibility

  • Written and verbal store communication and top-down communication from Owner + Leadership Team. Communicate with supervisors/leadership team to maintain same practices and secure policy and procedure at all levels of the operation. Communicate store goals to team effectively and motivate others.
  • Monitor inventory levels and communicates with vendors to always maintain sufficient supply of food, beverage, Allied products, retail and other goods 
  • Responsible for ensuring that all financial duties and reporting are completed accurately, including all administrative tasks and payroll and personnel activities.
  • Seek to grow customer base and increase store traffic by creating and leading promotions within and outside the store as well as maintaining functional, efficient, pleasant store environment and high-quality food and beverage offerings.
  • Seek to increase sales, monitor weekly and monthly P&L data and work to increase bottom-line profits.
  • Report performance information to Owner + Leadership Team.
  • Help to organize and/or delegate marketing efforts, including overseeing social media presence, and completion of seasonal promotional goals and events.

    Quality of Products, Functionality, Safety, and Store Appearance
    • Oversee and execute effective communication between baristas and any ice cream / kitchen staff to ensure that food and beverage offerings are fresh, labeled appropriately, and kept well-stocked.
    • Guide direction of new seasonal food and beverage offerings and contribute any skills and ideas for new items.
    • Ensure that all company and store standards, guidelines, and procedures are communicated and followed by staff at all times.
    • Model all rules and policies and maintains safety features and security of the Shop, FOH, and BOH operations.
    • Communicate safety features and hazards to team.
    • Ensure store appearance is maintained at all times, including cafe seating area, condiment bar, and FOH/BOH.
    • Ensure proper equipment functionality and perform or enforce completion of regular equipment maintenance. Utilize resources and available information to troubleshoot when equipment errors occur; respond in a timely and reasonable fashion to problems.
    • Maintain, model, and coach on speed of service and organize employees to maintain the most efficient floorplan and deployment for serving customers.