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Sister Ceramics

Jade Espresso Cup by Sister Ceramics

Jade Espresso Cup by Sister Ceramics

Add delight to your day with jade-hued espresso cup. Crafted in LA by local ceramicist Jenny Mulder of Sister Ceramics.

This one-of-a-kind piece features a solid curved handle and a glaze reminiscent of currents, waterfalls, and islands.

Product Details:

- Holds 2 oz of coffee.
- Food and microwave safe
- Handwash recommended
- Glaze and size variations come as a byproduct of the handmade process.

More about Sister Ceramics:

Sister Ceramics are handmade ceramic forms by LA artist Jenny Mulder. Her objects are crafted in response to the senses; particularly light and touch.  SISTER asks: how useful is an object, really, if it’s not delightful?